Pre Purchase Inspection

We know that a Piano is a HUGE investment. We know that it can mean a great deal to a family, both in terms of what the future can look like, imagining singing together around the piano, or teaching a beloved child a skill that we developed in our younger years.

We also know that a piano that is damaged, badly out of tune, or needs more parts replaced than the purchase price, can end up being a huge disappointment, a burden or a source of strain within the family.

We’re here to help. We have come to houses to try our best to tune a piano that has too many broken parts to be able to be tuned. We know the pain and frustration that can come along with not being able to actually play the instrument that you may have invested thousands of dollars in.

Our Pre-Purchase inspection goes through a checklist examining all of the functional parts of the piano. We will be able to easily identify any broken or damaged parts, or even parts that cannot be repaired. We’re glad to work with you and the party you’re purchasing a piano from to coordinate scheduling that works for all of us.

This pre-purchase inspection includes travel within the greater Portland area at no extra cost.

Pre-Purchase Inspection