Piano Tuning Portland

As professional piano tuning technicians, it’s our opinion that the most important think that you do to maintain the life, joy and fun of your piano is to have it tuned regularly. Because the weather here in Portland Oregon changes so drastically throughout the year, and the humidity levels changing so drastically changes the pitch of your piano, we want to make your piano tuning experience an easy one to make a decision to do.

Our pricing and scheduling flexibility are the number one reason we’ve had such great responses from our customers.


This basic piano tuning will bring your piano back into being the centerpiece of your home. Whether you need a piano tuned so that you can bring the family together for singalongs for the holidays, or your child is just learning and needs to make sure that pitch they’ll begin training their ear for is correct, we make piano tuning easy and affordable for the entire Portland Metro Area.

No Extra fee for travel. No extra fee for supplies. No extra fee to accommodate a late in the day appoinment.


Neglected Piano Tuning

If your piano has been neglected for over 10 years without tuning, it will likely need to be tuned more than once. Both tunings will be done during the same appointment. Once to bring the piano near tuned, putting tension on the metal strings slowly so that they don’t break, and then the tuning will be done again to get the piano into perfect pitch.

If you schedule this service, the tuning technician may find that the piano does not need two tunings during the appointment, and you would only be charged for a basic piano tuning. Either way, your satisfaction as our piano tuning client is our most important focus and we want you to be happy with the instrument that will cause your family joy for years to come.

If we can’t get your piano tuned to your satisfaction, you will not be charged for the appointment, but a small travel feel may be required based on location within the city.