Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Tune my Piano that has never been tuned?

If you have a piano that you’re unsure when the last time it has been tuned, or if it has been over 5 years, we can definetly tune your piano, but it might take more work than usual. In this case we may need to charge an extra fee based ont he difficulty of the job.

When we first arrive at your home, we’ll assess your piano and see how it starts responding when we use our equipment on it. If it seems like it’ll be an extra difficult instrument to work on, we’ll have a discussion with you before moving on.

In most cases, pianos don’t need a whole lot of extra love to get in tune, but sometimes we’ll have to put tension on the rods, then come back later to do it again, so the metal doesn’t take too much damage all at once, and then break. That leaves us all in a bind. The job becomes much more complex and costly.